Towards the end of 2007, I wasn’t feeling quite ‘right’. I was tired a lot of the time (after a lunchtime sandwich I could have quite happily passed out on my keyboard at work), bloated most of the time (quite often resembled a buddha) and suffered from a lot of tummy aches. Occasionally too my knee joints ached. As my Mum had already been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease a few years prior I duly took myself off to see my GP to see if I could get tested. One blood test and endoscopy (horrible tube down the throat into the tummy malarkey – my tip is to opt for the sedatives!) later I was a confirmed Coeliac and gluten had to go out of my diet forever. I was lucky that I already knew the bare bones of what the diet entailed due to my Mum but still had to brave that first visit into the supermarket. I am not going to sugar coat it for anybody who has recently been diagnosed it was tough and often horrible, to begin with. Who knew that gluten could hide in chicken stock, oven chips and sausages? The first few trips ended up with me getting a wee bit cross and often throwing stuff back on the shelf uttering ‘well that’s just stoopid!’ but it did not take long to adjust and now supermarket shopping is a doddle. After being gluten free for so long I feel I know the gluten free market pretty well and hope to share some of my finds with you in the hope that it will help, especially if you are new to the whole gluten free field!
Claire xx

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