So, I thought I would try something new from the gluten free aisle a few days ago as I fancied a change. I stumbled upon this sourdough bread by Kelkin in my local Tesco and as I have never eaten g/f sourdough bread I thought it would be worth a go! Actually… I think I have only ever eaten sourdough bread once or twice before my insides decided gluten was my nemesis. I don’t know much about Kelkin I have to admit so popped on to Google to see what they are about and this is what I gleaned – they are based in Dublin and have been established for 30 years. They do quite a range of gluten free products so I am surprised I have not really heard much about them before. Anyhoo… back to the bread! I decided not to toast it (sometimes a mistake with g/f bread as some of you may have already learnt!) but instead lather it in butter (the proper stuff!) and have it with my supper. It did say on the packet that it didn’t need refreshing i.e. warming through like some products do. So, my verdict – it was okay/pretty good! It didn’t fall apart and it had that nice slightly tangy taste like regular sourdough bread; it was also pretty filling. I had some the next day but this time toasted it and that was good too and, I think, better than the untoasted version. Would I buy it again? Maybe, although the £2.79 price tag put me off a little as there are only 4 to 5 slices in the pack.


A pic out of the packet just because 🙂

However, on perusing the Kelkin website I noticed these little guys which look interesting and take me back to my childhood when birthday parties were all about musical bumps, soggy sandwiches, crisps and cake! Unfortunately, they are only available online and orders under £30 have a £4 postage charge. Maybe the nice folk at Kelkin can see if they can get them on the Tesco shelves…

Claire xx

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