I LOVE cheesecake, it is probably my favourite dessert and I am always trying different cheesecake concoctions. This version has got to be the easiest and quickest one ever – okay so it’s not up there with your traditional New York baked cheesecake but it does the job and for the time it takes to knock up you simply can’t complain. I must confess though this is not my recipe but Nigella’s, which I amended to be gluten free and to also serve two.


Couple of strawberries
2 gluten free digestive biscuits (I actually used lemon biscuits from Doves Farm – living life on the edge!)
50g Philadelphia
1 tbsp icing sugar
60ml double cream
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
2 small glasses (Nigella suggests martini glasses so I followed suit)

Whizz the biscuits in a small food processor to make crumbs (I love this little guy) or pop them in a freezer bag and bash them by hand with a rolling pin. Divide the biscuits between the two glasses.

Whisk the icing sugar and cream cheese by hand and once combined add the lemon juice, vanilla extract and cream and whisk gently to combine (I must admit I pull out the electric hand whisk at this stage just to save time)

Spoon the cream cheese mix on top of the biscuits and decorate with strawberries – voila!


Claire xx

P.S Next up I am going to try this little beauty by Little Missed Gluten!

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