On a recent shopping trip with my fella we decided to stop for a bit of lunch and as we were next to GBK and feeling hungry we ventured in. Now, I have been to GBK before so I was aware their burgers were gluten free but imagine my surprise when I was presented with this beautiful menu in all of its gloriousness! Most of the burger options are gluten free but now come with a bun – result! They do say the fries aren’t suitable however as although they do not contain any gluten nasties they are cooked in the same oil as the onion rings.


The burger was lovely – I opted for bacon and cheese with jalapenos as an extra. Medium cooked, tasty and juicy. The bun wasn’t brilliant but at least it was nice to have the option. It was a little dry and crumbly (I am not sure who their supplier is…). You can opt to go bunless and have extra homeslaw (Coleslaw) instead which I think I might plump for next time. Their gluten free menu is not available online at the moment but hopefully, their IT peeps will change this soon.

Claire xx

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