I have been wanting to get my mitts on these wraps for a while but as far as I am aware they are only currently available in Asda and on my last visit they didn’t stock them, unfortunately. My Mum came to the rescue and on her last visit, she bought me a packet all the way from South Wales – thanks Mum! Now, I love Newburn Bakehouse wraps but I think BFree trump them purely on cost and calories. A pack of six wraps from BFree cost £2.80 whilst a pack of three wraps from Newburn Bakehouse will set you back £2.99. These little guys are only 99 calories a wrap whilst the Newburn wraps come in at 216 and that’s before you put anything in them. Yes, they are smaller but like Newburn wraps they don’t tear, freeze well and you can bung anything in them! Most importantly they are tasty!

I won’t be giving up Newburn wraps though as, to be honest, they are easier to lay my hands on but on my next trip to Asda I hope to stock up on BFree wraps.

Does anybody know of any other gluten free wraps that are worth a whirl?

Claire x

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