A few of my favourite gluten free goodies! My sister in law recently got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (what are the chances!) and as I know how pants it can be when you find out that regular sausage rolls, beer, pizza, freshly baked bread (complete with an inch or two of proper butter!) are taken away from you I thought I would send a little hamper of my favourite gluten free products to cheer her up. Here is what I popped in:

Newburn Bakehouse baguettes – these are better served warm and don’t fall apart.
Mrs Crimble’s cheese crackers – dunk these into some jalapeno houmous – yum.
Doves Farm lemon cookies – perfect on their own or as a cheesecake base
Nairns biscuit bakes – perfect if you don’t have time for breakfast and you are dashing out of the door
Newburn Bakehouse lemon and poppyseed muffins – these are the business; they also come in blueberry and cranberry.
Dietary Specials chocolate fingers – I could easily demolish a whole box, luckily they made it into the hamper intact
Sainsburys Freefrom Gingerbread Man – just because!

I thought this would be a good way of introducing sis in law to some yummy products 🙂

Claire x

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