I love me some noodles! Kabuto very kindly sent me some of their new gluten free noodles to sample and I am glad they did! I am generally very organised in ensuring I have my lunch ready to take to work each day (you learn, when you are a coeliac, that grabbing on the go is not that easy although that is getting FAR better!) but some nights I simply can’t be bothered (normally the evenings that I can’t drag myself away from drooling over Wentworth Miller in episodes of Prison Break!). On these occasions having something that is easy to grab from the cupboard when I am running out of the door makes life a little easier, rather than spending a lunch break hunting down an infamous gluten free sandwich and finding that they have all sold out or being told ‘this branch doesn’t stock them yet’ and thus reverting to houmous and crackers.

These noodles are quick, easy and packed full of flavour. You just need a kettle and you are good to go hence these little pots are handy for keeping on standby for those times when you think you could get stuck without any food. Also perfect for times when I am feeling too lazy to cut up some chicken and veggies. Perfect for anytime really! Kabuto currently make the gluten free noodles in chicken and miso and they are available in Ocado and Wholefoods – if you hop over to their Facebook page you can enter a competition to nab yourself some of these delights – be quick though as the competition ends at midnight tonight!


Claire xx

Disclosure: Kabuto kindly send me some samples to try but all opinions are honest and my own.

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