On a recent shopping trip, I needed to refuel so popped into Costa to see if they had any of their new g/f wraps; I was in luck. I also managed to bag a seat on a busy Saturday afternoon – result!

Costa have teamed up with Newburn Bakehouse to make the chicken and basil salad wrap and I can’t express enough how handy it is to have more options in terms of grabbing on the go. I love Newburn’s wraps as they are filling and never split. I was a little disappointed by the Costa wrap though I must admit, the filling lacked a little in the taste department and the wrap had gone a little soggy. Maybe I was just unlucky? It is brilliant to have more lunchtime options though and I would buy again even if it is just an excuse to follow the wrap with the amazing g/f cherry Bakewells they sell in Costa!

What I am waiting for is a high street coffee shop to have a gluten free toasted sandwich on the menu, I know this is probably a long time in the running due to cross contamination issues but, hey, a girl can dream!

Claire x

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