Since being diagnosed I have only flown with two airlines where food is provided – Virgin Atlantic being one and Air Canada the other. Air Canada wasn’t great but Virgin Atlantic get almost a gold star! The first leg of the journey we flew from London Gatwick to Orlando and had a daytime flight. Whilst onboard for eight/nine hours you get a meal, snack and afternoon tea before landing, as well as drinks. The meal was the same as a flight that I took to Boston last year – chicken, vegetables and potatoes.



It doesn’t look anything special but when does aeroplane food in economy class look amazing? It tasted pretty good I’m not going to lie. A bread roll and salad accompanied the meal; the bread roll was very good but I could not decipher who have supplied Virgin with the bread. There was a pudding too which was an apple crumble which was pretty good too!


A little later they come round with an ice lolly, which was gluten free. Before landing they bring round a light snack.


I had an egg roll which was really tasty! BFree have supplied the airline with the ready-made roll so maybe they supplied the bread roll at lunch too? The ONLY gripe I have is that the regular snack boxes came with a bag of Tyrrells crisps, which are gluten free so not sure why they couldn’t be included in the gluten free box too?

On the way back from Orlando we had a night flight and the food consisted of an evening meal and breakfast. The evening meal was chicken and rice (not as nice as the other meal but not half bad) along with a bag of these guys:

I have never heard of this brand or seen this product; they were very sweet and nicer than I expected I must admit. Breakfast was another bag of above and some juice. Maybe a gluten free muffin would make a nice addition?

All in all Virgin Atlantic have got it spot on, they even come round with little love heart sweets before you land!

Happy flying!


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