When Udi’s kindly contacted me to see if I would like to receive a hamper I jumped at the chance, as did my stomach! I was introduced to Udi’s whilst on holiday in the US in 2013 where they are the No. 1 brand of gluten free foods. They have recently launched some of their products in the UK market where they seem to be going down a storm. Udi’s has a simple philosophy – to create great products that bring happiness by creating the very best gluten free foods on the planet. Well, that is quite a statement so the question is, did their products make me happy?

Let’s start with these little fellows. I had previously noticed them in the supermarket and thought they looked interesting as I believe there is nothing else like it on the gluten free side of things. They are a little odd I must admit. When you open the box they look like little pieces of French Toast that you want to smear with full fat butter or dunk into a tub of houmous. That would not taste good though as they are a sweet snack so I think it would be more beneficial to dunk them into some warm melted chocolate instead – now we’re talking! Did I enjoy these? I guess so. Would I buy them again? Probably not. Sorry Udi’s. To be fair though I know some people would demolish the box in one sitting, I just found they did not call at me from the cupboard. That said, I never did dunk them in melted chocolate!

This was love at first taste! I love Granola especially ones that are kept simple in terms of ingredients as I try and eat as clean as I can. This Granola has only four ingredients – oats, honey, rapeseed oil and a little vanilla flavouring. This is delicious sprinkled on top of Greek yoghurt with some fruit for a tasty breakfast or post gym snack. You need some of this in your cupboard!


This was another take it or leave it but again absolutely nothing wrong with the products, just personal taste. They were not as moreish as I might have liked and benefited from a side of salsa. For the price, I have to be honest in saying that I would probably opt for regular tortilla chips.

As you can see I liked this guy, so much so I got half way through before I thought to take a photo. I love cinnamon and raisin bagels and these hit the spot in terms of texture and flavour. These will most certainly be re-purchased. They can, of course, be frozen too which I find handy as I tend to alternate my breakfasts/snacks on a daily basis.

So, a mixed bag really but I like Udi’s enthusiasm and I will certainly be buying and trying more of their products and hope too to meet them at The Allergy and Free From show next weekend.

Some other Udi’s facts for you:

– Udi’s started off in Colorado as a bakery and in 2009 expanded into Whole Foods and King Soopers. As the word spread so did their line of products and in 2011 they introduced hot dog and burger buns.

– By 2011 Udi’s had become the largest gluten free community with 500,000 likes on Facebook as fans shared their tips, stories and recipes.

– In 2012 they introduced gluten free options to baseball stadiums in the US (I must admit this is pretty monumental).

– In 2013 they decided to cross the pond and come and say hello to the UK – let’s hope they stick around 🙂

Claire xx

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