Earlier this week I was browsing on Facebook and stumbled upon an article that Little Missed Gluten (amazing blogger) had posted from The Independent about being gluten free. The article makes for pretty interesting reading so worth checking out but more interestingly they mentioned an app called Gluugle; the app has listings of gluten free friendly places to eat across the UK (the app is the brainchild of The Gluten Free Foodie – another fab blogger). Moreover, the app was free – Brucie Bonus! I immediately downloaded it and out of interest looked to see what popped up in my area – the usual came up, Prezzo, Pizza Express, La Tasca etc but then I noticed somebody had added a restaurant called Naturally Chinese which was spitting distance away in Surbiton. Now, as most of you will already know, due to the high use of soy sauce in their cooking, Chinese is the one food that most have to give up when going gluten free, unless of course you make your own as gluten free soy sauce is so easy to get your hands on. I have eaten at a local Chinese restaurant since being diagnosed and they were very helpful but it was a bit of a faff unfortunately so I never returned. As soon as I found out about this restaurant I immediately checked out their website to make sure they were coeliac friendly and yep, they certainly are. They have STACKS of options and whats more they pride themselves on using fresh local ingredients where possible and never use nasty MSG, which so many Chinese eateries do. I found out about Naturally Chinese midweek and by Saturday we had paid them a visit hoping not to be disappointed. I was far from disappointed, the food was delicious! It was tasty, fresh, beautifully presented and didn’t feel ‘heavy’ like some Chinese food can. We had a sharing platter to start (the smoked shredded chicken was amazing!) and then I kept it simple and ordered beef with ginger and spring onion. There was so much choice on the menu I could have easily gorged myself but I reined myself in for the sake of my bank balance and waistline! I cannot wait to go back and I know it will become a firm favourite. They also do take out so I can see a Friday night pattern coming on!

(sorry we had demolished half of the platter before I remembered to take a photo – the prawn toasts were not gluten free)

Just as a side note I want to mention another amazing Chinese restaurant that I have frequented many times but have yet to do a blog post on called Wok and Wine (unfortunately I cannot find their website but here is a link to their entry on Trip Advisor) in Edinburgh. They also have an extensive gluten free menu and I cannot recommend them highly enough – best to book though as they are always packed!

Nom Nom!

Claire x

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