I normally stick to one topic each Sunday but today I thought I would go all adventurous and mix it up – check me out. When I was making a note of what I wanted to include the majority seemed to be ‘sweet’ based, ah well. Don’t know about you but that’s what makes me look at other blogs!

Time for Trifle 

I have recently been lucky enough to receive some of the new gluten free flours that Doves Farm have introduced on to the market recently, so thought I would give their Madeleine recipe a whirl using the potato flour. I wanted to make a base for a trifle and thought these would do just the job, they did just that.

As you can see my poor little Madeleines look a little flat but they tasted SO good and were an ideal base for my trifle masterpiece! You can get a little Madeline tray if you wanted to make them look better than mine. I had a funny feeling the folks over at Lakeland do one and I was right!

Lifestyle Food Fair

On a trip to Tesco on Thursday, I was walking to their check-out when I happened to notice a whole load of Udi’s products at the end of one of the aisles. I then discovered nearly an entire aisle full of gluten free products (as well as vegan, nut and protein products), many of which I had not seen before. The words ‘kid in a sweet shop’ spring to mind! Turns out it was The Lifestyle Food Fair which is happening in selected Tesco stores. It was brilliant to see so many products in one place but frustrating that a lot of them were limited edition (and also a little pricey, perhaps due to import costs as I think many of the products were from the States).

These were awesome!

I also got a few other products to try in the future:


I have got to be honest I find making my own pastry a chore so tend to play it safe and stick to DS pastry where you simply defrost it and roll it out – easy! I thought I would give this a go though. The same with the bread (tend to stick to Genius and DS on the whole although mix it up sometimes). As you can probably guess I am most excited to try the Brownie Mix, there’s a surprise. They were £4.50 a pop though hence not cheap but they are doing 4 for 3  at the moment and the fair runs until the end of August if you fancy stocking up.

Cheesecake Time

I feel cheesecake may have been mentioned on my blog a few times, along with pizza – two of my favourite things. We had family around for a BBQ last night so thought I would rustle up a quick and easy no fuss cheesecake. I opted for one by Doves Farm and will put a link to the recipe here.


This was so good and also so easy and quick to put together – my kind of cooking! This cheesecake was delicious – the last piece that is currently residing in the fridge will be demolished by end of play today! I will be doing this recipe again


I feel I have wittered on for ages so well done to those that are still reading. To balance out the sweet treats above I thought I would throw a relatively healthy nugget in, in order to try and balance things out a little. You would not believe it from the posts above but I generally try and eat reasonably clean and healthy and make these little tasty morsels every week. I got the recipe from Healthy Food Magazine, which incidentally is a brilliant little magazine and there is always a focus on gluten free in each edition (they were also giving out a free copy of their magazine at the Allergy Show).


Dead simple. Get yourself 100g each of unsalted cashews, almonds, macadamias and peanuts and pop them in a large bowl. Add 3tbsp of gluten free soy sauce, 1 tsp of Chinese five spice, half a tsp of chilli powder and 1 tsp of sesame oil. Mix it all together, spread on a baking tray and cook at 160 for 15 minutes. Once cooled pop them in a Tupperware pot and have a handful each day.

Claire x

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