Last week was a long week, it was one of those weeks when everything seemed to be conspiring against me. Hence, when Friday arrived I was ready for it! Bottle of wine popped in the fridge to start chilling before I left for work for the day and a trip to Tesco on the way home to blow the days calories to smithereens! These are the cheeky purchases I made:


Yes, pizza again! In a blog post not so long ago I chatted about how I wasn’t very fond of the Tesco own g/f pizza so decided to try the DS one – I enjoy and purchase a lot of DS products but for some reason had never given their pizza a whirl. The Tesco cheese and garlic bread had also passed me by unnoticed on prior trips so in the basket that went followed by two Pudology puddings for good measure. There wasn’t even the usual Friday night queue in Tesco so a perfect result and a happy Clairey!


The pizza was the best shop bought frozen g/f pizza I have tasted thus far. Unlike the Tesco own brand pizza, it wasn’t overly doughy and oozed a lot more taste. Plenty of cheese and salami on a perfect base (the base where when you pick up a piece and it’s floppy in a good way!). The texture was simply far better. My gluten eating other half tasted some too and gave it the thumbs up.

Even though I didn’t rave about the Tesco pizza they won me over with their garlic and cheese bread. I cut it into four and saved the rest in the freezer as I had probably already ingested my day’s calorie intake with the other goodies! Lots of taste and a lovely texture – I would definitely recommend!

We ended the evening with Pudology chocolate puddings that are dairy free as well as gluten free. They hit the spot! Quite rich so one little pot is enough (who I am kidding, I could have probably polished off the two if boyf didn’t gobble up the other one). No close up photo shot for this one I am afraid as I inhaled it far too quickly so as you can guess it was a winner.

I will definitely be re-purchasing all three of the above – the week ended well!

Claire xx

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