I thought I would do something a little different this week so rather than a recipe or review I have compiled a list of eateries who have a gluten free menu or have gluten free fare. A lot of them many of you will already know about but it does show how many options there now are and this is just a very short selection of places that popped into my head. If you do happen to be new to the gluten free world then I hope this helps.


When I discovered I was coeliac you couldn’t really get a pizza at a restaurant but a few years ago Pizza Express came up trumps. You can have almost all of the toppings and to top it all off they also offer gluten free beer and a brownie – result! I understand too they have recently changed their base so am keen to sample a Sloppy Giuseppe again soon! See my blog post here.


Mmmmm I love burgers! Like Pizza Express they offer a separate menu and you can have your burger with a g/f bun. I have got to admit I was not so keen on the bun and am more than happy to go sans bun and have extra coleslaw. You can also get a bottle of the yummy Celia lager to wash it all down with. Click here to read my blog post.


Gluten free pizza (again!). One I haven’t tried yet but it’s on my list as the pizzas do look good.


The menu at Carluccio’s is pretty vast and includes pasta and risotto alongside salads and meat and fish dishes. I have only eaten here once but would go back. It was unfortunate that they were out of g/f bread when I visited as I was keen to try their bruschetta – next time!


I love Nando’s! I go here very regularly and pretty much all of the menu i.e. chicken is gluten free. Gotta love Nando’s!


Only within the M25 at the moment but definitely worth a trip! Authentic Mexican street food – totally hits the spot! They have recently opened one up locally to me in Wimbledon – trying to get a trip in the diary! I visited them some time ago, to see my thoughts click here.


Zizzi have had a gluten free menu for some time but no pizza on there (as of yet?!) They do have a chocolate melt pudding though that I would recommend!


Again only London based at present but you can eat all of their meat products but must, of course, opt for their corn shells rather than flour tortillas.


I have yet to try Cote yet but I know Little Missed Gluten is a huge fan!


All of these high street giants offer something we can eat – YAY! Costa do a pack of two little Cherry Bakewells which are soooo good. Not so fond of their wrap though…


I have eaten at La Tasca plenty of times but for some strange reason have never done a review! Stacks of choice – a must visit!


I am not a fan of either of these but if you are in a rush and nothing else is on offer it is worth remembering that their fries are gluten free (I avoided BK fries as I know they used to have a coating – this has now changed!) as well as their beef patties. On a long road trip to Edinburgh, I have been known to pop a burger in my g/f bun and tried to forget the calorie content!


I stumbled upon these guys a year or so ago and would recommend. They stock savoury and sweet g/f muffins and all are listed on their website.


Ok, I know not a chain but I LOVE this place and if you live in Surrey please go and visit! Read about my experience here.

I know there are many more places than the ones I have listed above but it does show how much awareness has grown and I can now have Italian, Indian, Chinese or fast food as well as being able to grab something on the go. This makes me one very happy coeliac!

Claire xx

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