Somebody remarked to me a couple of days ago how hard it must be to maintain a gluten free diet and even though I have had such conversations before for the first time I honestly answered ‘actually, it really isn’t that bad’. The good thing about coeliac disease is that there is a substitute for everything – pasta, biscuits, cakes, noodles, pizza, pie, bread and even fish fingers! I also tend to cook from scratch using natural, wholesome naturally gluten free ingredients. It is very rare these days to be stuck in an eating establishment without some sort of gluten free option. The gluten free market is booming with amazing companies bringing out new and innovative tasty goodies and restaurants being so much more aware of coeliac disease. One some company and restaurant chain leading the way in their individual fields are Celia Organic Lager and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I did a blog post not so long about my first visit to GBK and also Celia Lager which you can find here and here but enticed by a voucher from the lovely folks at Celia Lager I had no hesitation in making another visit. We chose to dine at the Guildford branch and glad we had a voucher as prior to eating I made a naughty dress purchase from the fabulous Ted Baker – oops 😉 This time I opted for the Blazing Sombrero (smoked cheddar, chorizo relish, tortilla chips, house mayo, rocket and pickled onion – mouth watering yet?!)

It was so so tasty – a tiny bit of a kick which was just perfection. I opted to go bunless this time as was not overly fond of the bun last time although I hear on the grapevine they are perhaps looking for a replacement. I had extra homeslaw instead of the bun which complimented the chorizo kick perfectly. I, of course, washed my burger down with a Celia Lager.

If you have not tried this lager yet then do. It is light, refreshing and is pretty much the perfect accompaniment to any meal or on its own whilst Walking Dead for example!

The only gripe I have with GBK is that the fries are open to cross contamination making them a no go for coeliacs – if they got a separate fryer then that would be the icing on the cake or relish on the burger! Just as a sidenote Celia Lager also work with Vozars Restaurant which recently got voted number 1 out of 17,000 London restaurant – well done guys! I WILL make it down to Vozars soon!

Claire x

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