A couple of weeks ago I had an invite to a birthday dinner. As other coeliacs may sympathise your thoughts immediately turn to ‘which restaurant will they chose’, ‘what will my options be’ – you know the drill. I have less of these thoughts now though I must admit as I commentated in an earlier post it is generally very unlikely to be completely stuck in most eateries. That said though you want to be able to choose something you are going to at least enjoy, especially if it is a splitting the bill kind of night and you have ended up with some rice and dried chicken and also happen to have driven so, in addition, no alcohol consumed (you get the drift!). My friend trumped for Jamie’s Italian in Kingston upon Thames. Perfect choice as I knew for a fact that there would be more than enough options. The online menu is great as you can select gluten free options only and it also gives you the nutritional value of the dishes including the calories (word of advice – don’t look!). I opted for the Chicken Primavera (the least calorific of the dishes – ok I looked!) and this is what it looked like:

Aesthetically pleasing dish yes? Not sure why the picture looks like something out of the seventies though! It was very good – free range chicken on a bed of beans and other tasty bits. It was super tasty and very flavoursome. My only gripe is that at £13.50 it fails to come with a side so to ensure my belly was full I had some skinny fries (no separate fryer though guys so at your own risk!) and at just shy of £4 it made it a little pricey – I think a side could have been included Mr Oliver. Oh, and just as a side note I tried to pretend the fries were calorie free as you do 🙂

For pudding, I had a form of Eton Mess. Yes, Eton Mess again – see here and here! It was nice though and it satisfied my sweet tooth.

Jamie also does gluten free pasta which is always good to know as this gives you even more choice.

Would I go back? Yes, absolutely, nice ambience and tasty food but it would be nice to have another potato side dish choice other than chips/fries if you trying to watch your belly fat! Perhaps a sweet potato mash?

Claire x

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