Before I wrote this blog post I looked for my other entry for my other Genius post and was astounded that I hadn’t already written one. Sure, I have spoken about Genius before but never dedicated a blog post to them – really surprising as they are one of my favourite brands, hence this post is long overdue!

A couple of weeks ago Genius contacted me asking if they would like me to try any of their products. I had already tried (and ate on a regular basis) a lot of their products but a quick peruse on their website and an email later this box of gorgeousness arrived on my doorstep.


Before I move to the all important taste test I want to start by saying, that in my humble opinion, Genius set the bar very high for all other companies embarking on the gluten free bread route. When I was diagnosed the only bread that existed on the supermarket shelves were vacuum packed and tasteless imitations. The size of the bread was also always very small – what was up with that?! Then one day in 2007 a Genius loaf of bread appeared in Tesco and before I knew it they were flying off the shelves and it was difficult to get your mitts on a loaf due to the popularity. This was something new for gluten free land and Genius had hit the jackpot – ta da! At long last here was a product that tasted pretty much as good as you are going to get to ‘regular’ bread – it also looked and smelt more like the real stuff. In addition, it didn’t have a super long shelf life (this is why the freezer was invented right?!) but this is a good thing which meant it wasn’t packed as full of preservatives as other gluten free breads. Top result.

Genius was the brainchild of Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne who after learning that her son was gluten intolerant went on a mission to perfect the perfect gluten free loaf. Since 2007 the brand has grown and produce all sort of wonderful products – check out their site to see all that they offer.

Anyhoo, on to the taste testing! First up is this little fella – a Pains au Chocolat. I am normally a porridge and flax seed kind of girl in the morning so this was a real treat.


Man oh man this was good! Freshly warm out of the oven it was flaky (who knew gluten free pastry could do this!) and oozed with yummy chocolate. Sweet but not sickly and a perfect breakfast indulgence for a weekend morning.

Another sweet offering from Genius is their cupcakes.


Don’t get me wrong I did like this cupcake and would not hesitate in devouring one if one was ever in my reach but I am a fan of proper buttercream frosting which, sadly, this was not – this may well be down to the shelf life and also the fact that they are dairy free (fantastic news for people who don’t eat dairy!). Ok, so maybe for me it did not have the real proper indulgent treat fix but what it was was light, airy and not overly sickly hence I would never discourage anybody from purchasing these little beauties.

On to the savoury side of things. First up the seeded rolls.


I apologise for this awful photo – blurry and half eaten! I was obviously overcome with the excitement of devouring my bacon roll! This roll is the boss, it does not fall apart, isn’t ‘heavy’ and I like the extra texture of the seeds. These will be on my re-purchase list.

Who doesn’t love a bloomer loaf spread thickly with butter and a pound of cheese?

This was a lovely loaf, it had that lovely smell that the other Genius loafs have and didn’t fall apart when sliced or toasted. This loaf would be perfect for making your own garlic bread! Again, another re-purchase.

Judging by the Genius products that have hit the shelves thus far this is a British born brand which has, and is, going from strength to strength and they deserve the name they have chosen to give themselves.

As aforementioned Genius kindly reached out to me but, as always, all opinions are my own and I won’t rave about a product not worth raving about!

Claire xx

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