I was incredibly lucky that the lovely Julia from Senza Glutine kindly offered me a gluten free chocolate chip panettone at the Allergy Show Olympia back in the summer. I have to confess that pre-diagnosis I had never eaten panettone although I know it is a firm favourite in many households, especially around Christmas time.

Senza Glutine is a British gluten free supplier certified by Coeliac UK and they sell pizza bases, pasta and bread products amongst other things.

Now, this thing was huge and smelt sooo good!!!

It was amazing and I kept having to check the ingredient listing to ensure that it was, in fact, free of nasty gluten! I would liken it to a cross between brioche, bread and cake. It was also very moreish so not so great for my waistline! Also, another thing to add was that it was incredibly light. As there are only two of us in my household I decided to slice it and freeze it before I demolished the whole thing in a matter of a couple of days. It froze and defrosted beautifully.

Senza Glutine are currently offering a discount code – enter CHR20014 at the checkout to receive £5 off.

One thing also worth mentioning is that Senza Glutine also supply Basilico Restaurant with their gluten free pizza bases. I have yet to try but it is on my list!

Claire x

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