This review has been a long time coming. After chatting to the lovely Celia guys at the Allergy Show back in the summer I kept promising myself I would make a trip to Vozars restaurant.

A little background on Vozars – they are the first restaurant in London to be completely wheat and gluten free (that sentence alone would make any coeliac happy!) and were recently voted number 1 out of 17,000 restaurants in London – not too shabby a result!

A date was finally put in the diary prompted by one of my gluten eating friends who had a read a brilliant review and wanted to make a trip too. Last Sunday we made the journey to Brixton Village and it was more than worth it. Feast your peepers on this bad boy!

I opted for the chicken strip burger which is served on a brioche bun with guacamole and chilli mayo.  Super filling, super tasty and pretty much super everything! Just when you think this couldn’t be beaten you get presented with these:

The. Best. Chunky. Chips. Ever. We were advised that one box generally serves two to three people. There were three of us and we were hungry so decided to order two – they beat us!! I am not sure what they were coated in but they had a gorgeous crispy outside and fluffy inside.

It is also worth noting that one of our party is also dairy free and there were plenty of options for her too. The servers were very knowledgeable and friendly to boot.

There were a plethora of cakes by WAGfree on offer but I am sad to say that I could not have eaten one more morsel but, hey, that gives me an excuse to make another trip!

I highly recommend!

Claire x

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