I love Chinese food and it was one of the many things I missed when my intestines decided they no longer wanted to play ball. You may remember that I discovered Naturally Chinese through the Gluugle app a few months back and within days of discovering their existence I paid them a visit; I was far from disappointed. You can read my first thoughts here if it takes your fancy.

Fast forward a couple of months (and a few visits later) and Amie, the manager of the restaurant, got in touch with me along with a couple of other lovely gluten free foodies to see if we would like to sample the newly formatted gluten free menu..uuuuhh yes I would! Naturally Chinese previously highlighted their gluten free options on their regular menu but now you are presented with an entire gluten free menu.  This may seem like a little step for some but for a coeliac, this illustrates the dedication that Amie and her team possess, and rest assured they are very diligent in their kitchen prep to avoid any cross-contamination issues.

The night that Amie picked was perfect – a gloomy, cold and rainy night which made me hanker after Chinese even more! We joined Amie whilst her husband, Chiu (also the chef!), whipped up an array of heavenly creations!

We started with homemade dim sum (in all the excitement I forgot to whip out my camera – doh!) which was a nice way to start the evening. I had never eaten dim sum prior to my diagnosis hence cannot compare it to ‘regular’ dim sum but what I can tell you is that it was very tasty. It was packed with taste but what I especially liked was that fact that it was light hence did not fill you up too much, leaving room for more tasting! Plus it looked really pretty – always a bonus! We followed with a selection of spring rolls and shredded chicken smoked with beechwood.

I cannot tell you how much I love this shredded chicken – give me a bowl of this, some special fried rice, a glass of white wine and cheesy TV and my Friday night would be complete!

The mains included lamb with spring onion and ginger, steamed jasmine rice, a medley of vegetables and beef with green beans. It is clear the chefs take pride not only in the food itself but also the overall presentation of the dishes. The dishes are packed with so much taste and it really was difficult to know what to try first.

I generally don’t have room for a pudding after devouring Chinese food and I guess I don’t always associate Chinese eateries with dessert. I am not going to say no though when Amie presented us with this little masterpiece!

This mango pudding polished off the evening perfectly – light, not too sweet and didn’t feel at all heavy.

What makes Naturally Chinese stand out is their dedication and passion that they invest in their craft. Amie is keen to make sure everybody, regardless of their dietary needs, are able to sample fresh, authentic, simple and tasty Chinese food. They want to hear what their customers say and always take the feedback on board. Their food is free from MSG and Amie and her team are keen to make the food as clean as possible avoiding any nasties. The fact that they are able to cater for dietary requirements, including gluten free, makes them even better!

If you live in the Surrey/London area or even if you don’t I can’t recommend this gem of a place any higher. There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to be a regular visitor and as I type there is already a date in the diary for a pre-Christmas visit with my family.

Thanks to Amie and her fab team!

Claire x

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