Last Sunday I decided to take a visit to the gluten free festival at Camden Lock to see what offerings there were. Being the lazy individual I often am I couldn’t be bothered to take the train and tube (I live south of the river) so decided to jump in the car. I left nice and early and made it to Camden in less than an hour – result! It was a misty cold morning which made for a nice drive and as I drove across Waterloo bridge I remembered just how pretty London can be.. off on a tangent there!

A small corner of Camden Lock had been reserved for the gluten free festival and to be honest there weren’t loads there but the one discovery I did make was well worth the drive.

These two loaves of perfection were baked by Romeo’s Bakery who are based in Islington. They had an array of loaves to choose from and I opted for a tomato loaf and an onion loaf. As I sliced them up later to freeze I sampled the tomato bread and I can’t tell you how good it is!!!! I wish I had snapped up more loaves as they are, unfortunately, a bit of a trek away (although I am thinking well worth the trip!). This loaf is hands down the best gluten free bread I have ever eaten. I have yet to try the onion loaf but I don’t doubt it will be just as good!


Romeo’s gluten free bakery is open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea as well as being able to cater events and bake birthday cakes. Go visit them, I can’t imagine for a minute you will be disappointed.

Before I made the trip to Camden I already knew I wanted to visit these guys:


Cookies and Scream have a permanent base at the market (situated opposite Honest Burgers who I really want to try too at some point) and are completely vegan and gluten free. I did not know where to start but decided not to completely go on a calorie fest – I restrained myself and just bought one, albeit large, cookie. It was an oat and choc chip cookie and was absolutely delicious!

Love the name of the company too. If I ever venture north of the river again this little spot will most definitely be on my pit stop list.

To round off the day I made a quick visit to Whole Foods on the way back to the car who are brilliant for gluten free products and if there is one near you I recommend you check them out.

Claire x

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