Yonks ago when I heard that the restaurant chain Prezzo were dishing up gluten free pizza I made it my mission to pay them a visit but for one reason and another I never seemed to get around to it. I finally managed to devour one of their pizzas at their Kingston upon Thames branch last week when I arranged an overdue catch up with my best friend. There were plenty of options for pizza toppings and some were a little different, which I liked. I chose one of their new additions to the menu – pulled pork. Sounds odd I know but man did it work!

Feast your eyes on this beauty – hungry yet?! I really don’t know what my expectations were for the base but whatever they were they were surpassed. It was thin and crispy (my preferred option) and not at all chewy or dry which gluten free bread products can sometimes be. I know a lot of gluten free options are made so well that you can’t tell the difference but bread is the one product that can be tough to make sans gluten. The Prezzo pizza was that good that I had to ask the waitress to assure me that it was, in fact, gluten free. Yep folks, it was that good and I SHALL be back!

What is the best pizza base sans gluten that you have encountered?

Claire x

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