Today I am going to do something a little different and rather than reviewing one product or place I thought I would do a brief write up about the foods I use on a regular basis and that are always gracing my cupboards. I won’t harp on about them too much as I guess it is pretty obvious that as they are in my belly an awful lot I like them!

I am a big breakfast fan and cannot and will not leave for work in the morning until I have something in my stomach. I normally allow enough time to knock up some porridge and always use Sainsbury’s Freefrom Oats, I have tried others but nothing cooks up as good as these little guys. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT purchase gluten free porridge flakes unless you like baby food!


These take just a few minutes on the hob and I always bung in some flax, chia seeds and cinnamon. I then top the porridge with blueberries.

On days when I don’t have as much time or let’s face it when I am feeling lazy then this lovely little box makes an appearance:


If you like bran flakes this is the closest you are going to get my friends!

My lunch changes every day depending on the time I have to rustle up something to take to work with me as well as my mood. I often have soups, salad etc but at least once a week I turn to wraps. These are my current favourite; not packed full of horrid ingredients, easy to freeze and only 100 calories each – score!


I chuck all manner of things in the BFree wraps from salmon, chicken and even fish fingers!

My everyday bread is generally always Genius, I do dabble and there are definitely other fab breads out there but I always revert to my faithful Genius.

To be fair I don’t often have gluten free product replacements for dinner as I tend to make things from scratch using fish, chicken or turkey/beef mince but when I am in a hurry only pasta will do. I try and keep it healthy so this is my current pasta of choice:


I eat these guys ALL the time, Nakd bars and rice cakes I eat on a daily basis and the Trek bars which are awesome I only tend to have once or twice a week as they are a little more calorific!


So there it is, my little staple roundup. There are a lot more products I could talk about but thought I would just stick to the products I always use on a weekly/daily basis.

Next Sunday will be my 2014 round up of fave foods, discoveries and places to eat that I have enjoyed over the past year!

Claire x

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