I cannot believe how quickly 2014 has gone (don’t we say this every year!?), it has whizzed by and we are now perched, ready to dive into 2015! As we near the end of the year I thought I would mention a few of my favourite gluten free discoveries for 2014.

Prezzo was a new discovery for me, albeit towards the end of the year despite them having gluten free pizzas on the menu for some time. They went straight to the top of my favourite places to eat, especially when only a pizza will hit the spot – pass the cheese!

I would do anything to have Romeo’s Bakery located a little closer to me but, alas, they are north of the river in Islington. If you live anywhere near north London then you have to buy some of their bread – I think I am going to have to take a drive up there soon simply to fill my freezer with their tomato bread.


As I mentioned in a post a little while back I had failed to find anybody who has managed to produce decent gluten free shortbread. Step in Walkers. These are amazing, go get some.

There is no way I couldn’t mention good old Marks and Spencer in my tribute to gluten free loveliness this year. Although M&S don’t have a huge range in their dedicated gluten free aisle if you read a lot of the food labels you will discover they do a lot more mixed in with the other foods – gluten free breaded chicken, fish and look at these gorgeous balls above – awesome! The vast majority, if not all, of their sausages are gluten free too. It may take a little longer to find what you want but it’s worth it! They are also a one-stop shop at Christmas time.


Hands down though, the best find of 2014 was Naturally Chinese. I know I have bleated on about them in my blog and on Twitter but for good reason. If you pay them a visit you’ll want to return I promise!

So, there you have it, a brief lowdown of my favourite finds of 2014. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready to bring on 2015!

Claire x

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