First of all, I would like to apologise about the terrible state of the photograph that is coming up. Taking photos in a busy restaurant is not always easy, that teamed with the fact that I had already consumed a couple of glasses of wine by this stage which made for a rather rushed iPhone photo. The smear of yellow is the chipotle butter which I had already plopped over the steak before I remembered I needed to take a snapshot! Blog fail.

Last week I mentioned a few places I wanted to try and Cau was first off the tick list. Cau is an Argentinian steakhouse, a relatively new chain they currently have restaurants in the South East, Bristol and Amsterdam. Although the menu is beef heavy they did have other options such as spatchcock chicken and grilled salmon. I love me some beef though so my choice was a no brainer. I mentioned to our waiter that I was gluten free and enquired about the burgers – unfortunately, they are made with breadcrumbs hence a no go area. He was very accommodating though and said he would be happy to speak to the chef about any of the other items on the menu to see if they needed any adaptation. I plumped for a rump steak though which I had with chipotle butter and triple-cooked chunky chips.

I often find that good steak can be hard to find in the UK without paying the earth, although Cau was not cheap it was very reasonable as the steak was spot on and cooked to perfection (I asked for medium), the chipotle butter had a lovely kick to it and the chunky chips were a perfect accompaniment. If you like a steak then Cau is the place to be right now and I intend to drag the fella there very soon.

I visited the Wimbledon Village branch and despite calling a few days prior the earliest slot I could get was 9.15pm, which I took to be a good sign. The vibe was buzzy, lively and fun. I didn’t look at the dessert menu but looking at the menu online I think the choice would be incredibly limited, unfortunately. I would definitely recommend Cau although it would be great to be able to have a burger too (sans bun of course) – I must admit I was surprised to hear that breadcrumbs was an ingredient as many restaurants such as Honest Burgers and GBK don’t add these to their meat. Who knows, maybe this will change down the line?

Again, I apologise about the shoddy camera work – don’t let it put you off as believe me you won’t be disappointed!

Claire x

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