Yep, another pizza post. What can I say, pizza makes me happy. A while ago I heard that Pizza Express had changed their gluten free pizza base hence I thought it would be rude not go ahead and sample it. Last time I visited Pizza Express I enjoyed their base but did find it rather sweet which was the only thing it lost marks on. This time around I opted for my favourite Sloppy Giuseppe but also went crazy and had a starter too – I certainly know how to live life on the edge! I plumped for Melanzanine (layered aubergine, cheese, garlic and basil) which is a recent addition to their menu.

The starter was lovely, a perfect little dish of tastiness but not enough to spoil your appetite for the main event and hey it has aubergine in it so also counts as one of your five a day 🙂


The pizza base this time around was a definite improvement, the sweet taste had gone and it was certainly more authentic in its texture and taste. It was also thin and crispy which is exactly the way I like it – perfect!

Alas, I had no room for pudding but there was more than one gluten free choice available so big tick from me! Pizza Express have a dedicated section on their website chatting about their gluten free choices hence, in my eyes, they are making a concerted effort in the world of sans gluten! I love you Pizza Express and will be back.

Claire x

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