I am quite often very lazy when it comes to preparing lunches for work and I know that most of you gluten free tummies out there will sympathise. Unfortunately, you tend to have to think ahead, even if just a little. For this reason, I always have some ‘lazy’ meals in the cupboard that I can just throw in my bag – I am lucky that I have access to a kitchen in my place of work which helps enormously. I have never been a huge fan of soup but it is just so easy and Heinz have recently released some new flavours, I have found two that I love which are free of gluten.

If you like just a touch of heat these are perfect and the spices liven up a tin of simple tomato soup. I generally have a slice or two of buttered Genius toast to make sure my tummy is properly full. So there you have it – a quick, easy, foolproof lunch which needs no forward planning which gives you more time to sit on your butt watching TV of an evening and a longer lie in of a morning – perfect.  It’s the little things.

Claire x

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