I do like a bit of Waitrose I must admit so when an email appeared in my inbox advertising their Valentines Meal Deal I thought I would take a gander. £20 for a starter, main, side, dessert, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates – an average saving of around £10; not too shabby! My first thought though was, am I was going to be incredibly limited on choice hence was the deal really going to be a good one if I was only buying what I could rather than what I wanted? I was very pleasantly surprised. They had an array of choices and it would appear that Waitrose had tried to please as many people as possible in terms of dietary requirements/choices. Out of the starters I was able to eat six out of the ten and of course I went for the most calorific, which I was also surprised was gluten free! I plumped for the cheese souffles which were gorgeous – if you like cheddar you will polish this little bad boy off in a second!

For the main dish, I chose the rack of New Zealand lamb with a side of Parmentier potatoes. Again, both were perfect. I don’t often cook lamb so it was nice to have something different. Out of the main dishes, six out of ten were gluten free and eight out of ten sides were sans gluten.

On to the most important bit – the desert! This is where gluten free could become tricky and very frustrating! There were nine options of which five were free of gluten – now that made me very happy! If I could have I would have opted for the New York baked cheesecake but it didn’t feel like a shabby second going instead for the triple chocolate mousses. You can see from my photo that I was an eager beaver and almost forgot to take a pic!

The basket was topped off with a bottle of Pinot and a small box of Belgian chocolates (again gluten free). It really did feel like I was getting a good deal as I had a saving of £10 and a wide array of gluten free choices. The quality of the food was top notch as was the sizes of the servings.

If you want to snap up this offer it ends today but all foods mentioned I am sure are available outside of this offer. Thanks for making a gluten free tummy happy Waitrose!

Claire x

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