Last Sunday I had one of those days when everything just fell into place; it was a super chilled day plus the sun was shining – perfect. The day got off to a good start when my hairdresser (also a coeliac – how spooky!) blew dry my hair perfectly (I’m annoyingly fussy!) and after a 10am appointment on a Sunday of all days this pleased me. I had planned to meet a girlfriend for lunch and by the time I got to her place at 1pm I was hungry! We had no idea where we were going to dine so had a wander down Southfields High Street and stumbled upon a restaurant called The Olive Garden. We were about to eat our arms by this time hence we thought we would give it a shot and hope for the best that there would be something I could eat. As I flicked through the menu I noticed they did gluten free pasta AND pizza – woohoo!!!! Excited coeliac in the building! Pizza sounded so good but a girl needs her greens too so we decided to split a pizza and salad.

We had a Caprino pizza and a fiorentina salad and both were gorgeous. The pizza base was incredibly thin and my gluten eating friend would have not known it was gluten free. I have to admit guys I think it tops both Pizza Express and Prezzo. It oozed flavour, the choice of toppings worked perfectly and I want to go back right now just thinking about it.

It is a stand alone restaurant though so unless you live in SW London/Surrey it may be a little too far a journey unfortunately. If you do live in the vicinity though I urge you to go and grab a table!

Claire xx

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