Ella Woodward, the author of Deliciously Ella, has a lot of people talking at the moment as many of us are on a quest to be that bit healthier. Ella’s recipes are based on whole, plant based foods which provide nourishment rather than calorie laden recipes with very little nutritional content. I am always on the hunt for healthy alternatives for calorie laden goodies although I must have to admit this is the strangest recipe I have stumbled upon! Introducing sweet potato brownies!

The brownies contain only six ingredients and a pinch of salt. Ella uses maple syrup in the recipe but as I only had agave in the cupboard I thought that would do the job just as well. Agave is still a sweetener but as it has a low GI you don’t have the sugar highs or lows. The recipe only calls for three tablespoons anyhoo so it’s all good 🙂

I really had no idea how these were going to turn out as I popped them in the oven. Half an hour later I was digging into one. You really do forget you are eating sweet potatoes – they are incredibly gooey and have that lovely brownie consistency. I must admit they tasted way way way better than I ever thought they could and it is so nice to know that you are not filling your body with nasties.

Do give these a go, for the recipe and more information on Ella click here – oh, and happy baking!

Claire x

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