I am a sucker for any dish that is quick and pretty much fail proof to put together. I am trying to get back into the swing of things at the gym hence don’t always have masses of time in the evening to prepare a meal. Step in pasta. Pasta is a fantastic store cupboard staple, you can rustle up a decent meal in less than 10 minutes and the choices of what you team the pasta with are endless. However, I like to eat brown rice pasta and the only supermarket I could seem to find this in is Ocado. I do love Ocado for their endless choice of gluten free choices but, alas, I also like my Nectar points! Doves Farm to the rescue! They have now started stocking brown rice spaghetti in Sainsbury’s – yay! The brown rice pasta has double the amount of fibre of standard gluten free pasta and just feels that little bit more nutritious.

There is something I really like about spaghetti – the whole twirling around the fork shenanigans perhaps 🙂

The recipe in the picture is taken from Kelly at Eat Yourself Skinny except I substituted the rigatoni for spaghetti – very tasty is was too!

Thanks Doves Farm!

Claire x

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