A couple of weeks ago I baked and blogged about sweet potato brownies which were pretty darn good, if a little strange 🙂 This week I had some of the girls coming round so thought I would do some brownies again although this time sugar made its way into the mixing bowl – everything in moderation I say! One of my girlfriends had made a batch of Nutella brownies recently so thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I must confess to being a Nutella virgin hence I was intrigued to see how they would turn out. In order to find a gluten free recipe I consulted google and found this fool proof recipe – thanks Rachael and Rowena! The recipe called for three components (can’t really say ingredients as Nutella has a few of them and best not to look at what is in Nutella to be fair!) – a jar of Nutella, self raising flour (like Gluten Free Bites I used Doves) and eggs. Perfect, I thought, dead simple. I even had some choc chips kicking around so sprinkled them on top.

I cannot tell you how easy these were to do and they tasted sooooo good! A proper chewy brownie. This will definitely be my go to brownie recipe from here on in when I am short on time and need to knock up something pronto!

Sunday is a baking day, why not pop to the shop and invest in some Nutella 😉

Claire x

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