This pizza post wasn’t planned I promise! I have done many, many pizza posts so I think it is fair to say I am a pizza fan and know a good pizza when I chow down on one. Pizza is brilliant on so many levels – it takes minutes to cook, you can cook it from frozen, it goes perfectly with a gluten free beer/wine and film and it largely always contains cheese. What is not to love. Last Friday night was pizza night and I duly took myself off to Tesco to grab a Dietary Specials pizza which are awesome by the way! Off I trundled to the gluten free freezer aisle only to discover no DS pizzas – noooo! HOWEVER, there was a pizza brand I had not seen before – Whole Creations. Disappointed by no DS pizzas but excited to try something new, into the basket it went.

Sooo, what is the verdict?

The pizza base was really good, not too thick although more doughy than Dietary Specials’ Italian pizza. There was absolutely no skimping on the toppings. I went for spicy chicken and caramelised onions. The topping flavours did not blow me away but that was my fault, I simply found the onions a little sweet so it really was not my cup of tea but like I said, that really is subjective.
Would I buy again? Yes, but I am afraid I would reach for the DS pizza first…
Claire x

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