I recently heard of a restaurant called The Flaming Cow which was reviewed by the lovely gluten free blogger, Carly (glutenfreeb – do go check out her site!), and as soon as I saw the words burger and gluten free buns I was sold. Last Saturday we had no plans so thought it would be a good day to pootle along to Windsor and why not kill two birds with one stone and take in a little shopping – the boyf was not particularly impressed but there was promise of meat at the end so it was all good! We are only a short drive from Windsor and with no traffic and a very helpful parking tip from Carly we were there in 40 minutes. A few hours later I was presented with this:


It was awesome! I could and should probably use a better adjective to describe the meat feast but the word really does sum it up. As a general rule they cook all the burgers medium which was perfect – the meat was so juicy and the bun was better than a lot of the gluten free buns I have tasted – I should have asked who their supplier is. I could not choose between cheesy fries and sweet potato fries so we shared both – maybe a slight mistake as the portions were huge!

The beef patties are gluten free as are the fries and also the ribs. If milkshakes float your boat they also do a good selection including alcoholic ones. It’s all good 🙂

I don’t normally head over Windsor way but if I am in the vicinity again I know where I will be stopping! If you, like me, are a bit of a meat fiend and fancy a calorific but oh so good meal then I would definitely call in and see the guys at Flaming Cow. I should also point out that the staff were very friendly and the atmosphere of the whole place was buzzy but relaxed. Big thumbs up for The Flaming Cow!

Claire x

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