A couple of weeks ago I turned 39 – yikes! As this felt just a little scary I decided that a day off work and a fun day out was in order to make the pain of entering my last year of my thirties a tad more bearable. Step in a trip up to town and lunch at the Duck and Waffle with the boy. I heard about the Duck and Waffle a few months ago and decided to make a booking ahead of my birthday as believe me this place gets booked up weeks ahead, so bear this in mind if you are thinking of paying them a visit. For some reason I had convinced myself that the restaurant is located in the Shard, I was wrong! It is, in fact, located in the Heron Tower a few steps away from Liverpool Street Station. Like anybody with a dodgy tummy disease, I had, of course, done my research and investigated the availability and ease of gluten free fare. When I made the call and tentatively asked if their waffles (their signature dish, I will elaborate shortly) could be made gluten free (I had heard they could be but was worried this was just an urban myth) the woman replied ‘of course’ as if was the easiest thing in the world. Phew, that attitude and response immediately made feel good about this establishment.
One of the coolest things about the Duck and Waffle is the lift up to the restaurant, it took less than a minute to travel 40 floors up – pretty cool although maybe not so much if you suffer from vertigo. As a brucie bonus for ya here is some video footage of the descent.


After discovering the waffles could be made gluten free I knew I had to opt for the duck and waffle signature dish. The dish comprised of gluten free waffle and confit of duck topped with a fried egg with a side of mustard maple syrup. Sounds like a strange combination I grant you but it works and works well! If you do make it the Duck and Waffle I wholeheartedly recommend you try this dish.
I do hope to make it back to the Duck and Waffle, who knows I may go back and celebrate my 40th there – happy days!
  Claire x

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