When people are asked if they are more of a savoury or sweet person I often find they have a definitive answer. Me? Not so much. I LOVE both. A little while ago the lovely people from Kent & Fraser sent me some goodies to try.

Now, I had seen the sweet biscuits about but not the savoury so it was nice surprise to have a mixture of both. I think it is safe to say that all of the boxes and packets were eaten within a week – is that bad?! The biscuits are perfect, they are not dry and crumbly like some biscuits can be and you can’t simply reach for one – biscuits will, forever, be my downfall. All of the flavours were fantastic and I can’t pick a favourite as I love lemon, ginger, vanilla and chocolate so it really is all down to your personal tastebud desires!

The savoury crackers were delicious. I must admit I expected the chilli crackers to have a little sting in the tail but they didn’t – I am fine with hot foods but this is probably a good thing if this sort of thing does not float your boat. Eaten alone or piled with cheese – these crackers are good either way.

Kent & Fraser products can currently be found in fine-food retailers and independent retailers across the UK.

A big thumbs up and thank you to Kent & Fraser – I best hit the gym now!!

Claire x

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