Bread is one of the first things I thought about when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. The fact that I would have to give it up. The choice of bread was pretty slim when I went gluten free seven years ago but today the choice is huge in comparison. When I first got diagnosed my Dad bought me a Panasonic bread maker and I was excited about being able to produce a great g/f loaf at home with ease. After a couple of failed attempts, the poor machine was cast to the back of a cupboard. I fell in love with Genius bread shortly after and the bread machine gathered more dust.

A few weeks back I was at my Mum’s home and she had baked a Gluatfin loaf, which was still warm from the oven, using the multipurpose flour. I cut the crust end off and spread, ok smothered, it in butter. Oh my gosh, heaven! I truly thought I was eating gluten laden bread. It wasn’t heavy, it did not fall apart and had such a lovely flavour. My Mum did hers in a loaf tin in the oven but I noticed on the box that it could also be made in a Panasonic bread machine. I must admit I don’t get g/f products on prescription but my Mum does and packed me off with a couple of boxes. Thanks Mum!

A week or so later I had the ingredients in place and popped them all the bread maker (after I had swept the dust off!) and this is what I managed to produce!

It was huge!! It tasted amazing though and I ate way too much before I sliced it up and popped the remainder in the freezer. It freezes beautifully and makes a great piece of toast – especially topped with lemon and lime marmalade!

Although some of the Glutafin products are available at Holland and Barrett you can only get the Multipurpose flour on prescription. You can do so much with this flour including Yorkshire puddings which I am definitely going to try!

Claire x

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