The gluten free market is booming and as such the supermarket gluten free sections seem to have ten times more to offer than when I was diagnosed back in 2008. I love food hence love trying new products. I have been a fan of Nakd bars for ages and have one a day as a mid-morning snack in place of a crappy cereal bar or the like. They use only natural ingredients with no added nasties. Their range have been expanding and the other day I got my mitts on this little bag:

I am always a sucker for anything ‘salted caramel’ and this little bag did not disappoint! Nakd products will always be a permanent staple in my cupboard.

Now, I do try and avoid eating bready products on a daily basis and stick to salads rather than sandwiches as unfortunately there isn’t always masses of super healthy ingredients packed into a loaf. That said, the sans gluten bread market has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years so if you do fancy a couple of slices of toast with your weekend fry up there are plenty of good options out there. Whilst perusing the g/f offerings in Sainsbury’s a few weeks back my eyes fell on this lovely looking loaf:

I popped a loaf of the Newburn Bakehouse sourdough in my trolley and eagerly cut myself a slice when I arrived home. Very nice indeed! It held together incredibly well so ten out of ten for texture and it tasted darn good. I love a couple of slices of this with some marmite and scrambled eggs on a Saturday 🙂 It freezes incredibly well (cut into slices first!)
I am eager to see what new products hit the shelves in the next few months.
Claire x

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