Something a little different today, I am currently sunning myself in Mykonos and before I left for my holiday I got to thinking of the coeliac challenges/hurdles/niceties I have had over the last several years post-diagnosis; some of these you may well be able to relate to.

The weird/pitiful looks never really ever go away. When you say you have to have a gluten free diet some people’s response (perhaps without engaging brain first) is ‘oh my god I would rather die’ or ‘you can’t eat bread, that’s awful’. These sort of comments never really bother me at all these days though I must admit, and my general response is ‘it really isn’t that bad’ and 9.5 times out of 10 I really do mean it.

You become overly excited, rather like a small child, when you discover you can eat a dessert in a restaurant that does not contain fruit or meringue sparking odd looks from your dining partners. This happened not that long ago when I saw the words chocolate brownie on the Pizza Express gluten free menu.

Whenever you visit a new town/country Google becomes your new best friend as you fastidiously type said destination along with the words ‘gluten free places to eat’ into the magic Google box.

You learn to carry food with you and yes even in your suitcase. On packing for Mykonos I purchased a pack of double chocolate cookies, Perk!er tiffin bars and a loaf of sourdough bread. I knew sweet treats may not be plentiful hence I bring my own so I don’t miss out.

When BBQ season is thrust upon us you stock up on gluten free burgers and sausages in the freezer in little freezer bags ready for any BBQ invites that may pop up. At said BBQ’s you also hover embarrassingly around the BBQ to ensure you don’t get the gluten diseased offerings by mistake.

On the up side I have also learnt that there is an amazing community out there of gluten free bloggers and the days you may feel like a leper you can hop onto Twitter and hear about new products, companies and recipes and instantly feel happy.

The gluten free market is booming and it is easier than ever to grab a bite at a high street restaurant or cafe and I never really get caught short these days; as for the aforementioned burgers and sausages hit up Marks and Sparks during BBQ season as they rock!

My friends and family are amazing and it warms my cockles when they cook sans gluten and buy me sweet treats when I visit

I am sure you have plenty to add to this list šŸ™‚

Claire x

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