I am a huge porridge fan and have a bowl of Sainsbury’s gluten free oats several times a week interspersed with Dove’s Fibre Flakes and protein shakes for my lardier days! Now, if you are based in the UK you cannot of escaped the fact that we are hitting all time highs in the temperature field! As much as I love my porridge I have been having my oats in my protein shake instead of warmed up otherwise I would be a hot sweaty mess before I have even left the house for the day – not a good look.

The gorgeous people from Lizi’s got in touch with me last week to announce that they have released a gluten free granola and would I like to try some? Yep please, send that bad boy over! A day later, yes one day later, I got this lovely bag of goodness on my doorstep:

Saturday morning I felt to was time to crack open this oaty goodness. My new favourite breakfast (spurred on by my recent trip to Mykonos) is granola (until Lizi’s arrived it was Muesli; not quite as exciting but still good!) with a good dollop of Fage Greek yoghurt, banana and a squeeze of honey.
Beautiful bowl of deliciousness. Filling, tasty and full of goodness – what’s not to like. A nice way to wake up and get the day going. I love oats, always have and am happy to have discovered a new product to spice up my gluten free shelves.
Lizi’s have carefully sourced their oats ensuring they are not contaminated from other crops and have also been approved by Coeliac UK.
Thanks Lizi’s!
Claire xx
P.S This would be fab as a fruit crumble topping!

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