One of my new discoveries at the Allergy Show was a pasta with just one ingredient and that ingredient is red lentils! Odd you say; I thought that too but this stuff is good!

It is no secret that I am not the world’s most adventurous cook and if the words ‘food processor’ (gathering dust under the stairs) is used in a recipe or it means using every pot in the kitchen I simply can’t be bothered. One pot cooking I love! I do try and eat healthy 80% of the time and pasta is such an easy, simple and quick staple to keep in the cupboard. However, I do try and avoid ‘white pasta’ so to speak and my current pasta of choice is Dove’s Farm brown rice spaghetti which is brilliant. It is stocked in my local Sainsbury’s so easy to get my mitts on. With the discovery of Tolerant pasta it is brilliant to know that I now have a pasta choice whilst still being healthy.

What I love about Tolerant pasta is that it has a good protein/carbohydrate ratio and is also high in fibre – one bowl of this with some veggies and you have got yourself a perfectly balanced and super nutritious meal.  This pasta would be perfect for a post-gym workout. This is what I rustled up a few days ago:

There is no recipe as such as I tend to chuck in whatever is in the cupboard and fridge when it comes to pasta but here is what I added – basil pesto, feta cheese, some cooked turkey breast, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, peppers and some garlic salt. I managed to assemble this in about ten minutes – job done!
The pasta is currently available online through Amazon and Good Health Naturally – let’s hope this pasta makes it way into some stores soon too!
Claire x

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