I am one happy human right now as the lovely, lovely people at Marks and Spencer have added a gluten free pork pie to their repertoire of delicious gluten free fare. This makes me very excited as who doesn’t love a pork pie? Ok, apart from vegetarians. My mum (also a coeliac) was the first to taste these delectable little pies and texted me saying how good they were. I have been thinking of my waistline of late hence tried to resist popping into M&S. What can I say, my resolve is weak and yesterday I make the trip to my local Marks and they ended up in my basket – oops. I also saw some interesting looking biscuits so they joined the pork pies – I am big chilli fan!

As soon as I got in I knew I had to try a pork pie, sounds sad but its been seven years since I’ve eaten one of these suckers! The pastry was just the right consistency and thickness, and the filling delicious – good quality with no nasty gristle I remember being in some pork pies. Believe me if you buy these I challenge you to only eat one! Later on I cracked into the cheddar thins, again I had to restrain myself from devouring the entire box – a really decent chill kick too!

Marks and Spencer are definitely leading the supermarket pack in terms of innovative gluten free products hitting the shelves and guys, if you ever need a taste tester give me a shout!

Claire x

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