The sun is shining, BBQ’s are in full swing and bottled lager is on the menu. I love a glass of wine but sometimes you just want a nice cold beer in your hand, especially at a BBQ. The range of gluten free lagers is steadily increasing and you can now begin to find them appearing at certain restaurants which is brilliant news. Celia lager, I believe, was one of the first gluten free lagers I tried and has remained a firm favourite. It is a light, summery and hoppy lager that doesn’t feel heavy like some other lagers.

Celia lagers hail from the Czech Republic where they use they use only the finest organic local ingredients to produce their lagers. It’s naturally carbonated which helps eliminate that horrible bloaty feeling!
At the Allergy Show back in June I was introduced to Celia’s new addition, a dark lager, and of course I had to have a taste!
If I am honest I wasn’t sure what to expect but loving their original lager I was expecting good things. I wasn’t wrong. The main difference between the two is that the dark lager has a more bitter aftertaste; not at all a bad thing. It is still a very smooth and light tasting lager and would be perfect teamed up with a burger. If you are missing ale or Guinness I would definitely opt for the dark lager over the original. It really comes down to your tastebuds and personal preference though but put it this way I would be one happy camper if either Celia lager was presented to me 🙂
Until the end of August you can enjoy 50% off a bottle of Celia lager at Ed’s Easy Diner with any main meal – I am still to try this place since they introduced their gluten free menu but it is on the list!
Enjoy the sun while it sticks around!
Claire x

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