I had been keen to try Ed’s Easy Diner since they launched their gluten free menu and finally got a chance on a visit home to Wales as there is one in Cardiff – hooray! My Mum, also a coeliac, joined me and we fuelled up at the distinctive red diner before hitting the shops on a busy Saturday afternoon. There was a queue when we arrived which is generally a good thing as people are obviously keen to eat there. We were seated quickly though and the staff were friendly and attentive, as well as being clearly knowledgeable of the gluten free menu.

From what I could see the gluten free menu did not differ all that much from the regular menu – you could have burgers (complete with a gluten free bun) and hotdogs along with the fries as well as Celia gluten free lager. This made for two very happy coeliacs and it took some time to decide what we were going to chow down on! I opted for the chicken BLT complete with the bun and my Mum went for the pulled pork burger sans bun. We shared a portion of bacon and cheese fries.

I must admit I was worried the chicken may be a little dry but far from it – it was succulent, tasty and the bun was awesome! I was convinced the bun wasn’t gluten free at one point and kept glancing around the diner to ensure my bun looked different to the others!
The whole meal was tasty and filling (although perhaps not particularly calorie free!) and I would not hesitate to return and try something else off the menu (or perhaps even the same again as it was so tasty). I like the fact too that Ed’s have been accredited by Coeliac UK.
I will be back!
Claire x

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