Whilst I was mooching around Bristol a couple of weekends ago I popped into the The Mall Deli as recommended by Wuthering Bites and spotted this little packet!

To the best of my knowledge Bionita produce the only gluten free gnocchi that I have seen in the UK (correct me if I am wrong) and I was intrigued! I have to got to be honest I was never a fan of regular gnocchi pre-diagnosis so I was interested to see what this would taste like. A few days later I whipped up a gnocchi feast!
I kept it simple and after heating the gnocchi I stirred through a little basil pesto along with some fresh spinach and sundried tomatoes. I then topped it off with a generous serving of parmesan. It. Was. Delicious! The gnocchi takes literally a couple of minutes to warm through in a pan of boiling water so from cupboard to belly took no time at all – love it! The gluten free gnocchi tasted lighter than regular gnocchi and had a delicate flavour that was perfect teamed with the pesto.  If you want to get your mitts on this then head over to Ocado! It would be brilliant if I could find this eventually in a Sainsbury’s or Tesco too 🙂
Claire x

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