A few days ago I discovered a new breakfast cereal that has just hit the shelves.

Nutribix comes to us courtesy of Life Health Foods UK. They have devised two new cereals, one of which is gluten free – unlike other cereals they are made with the ancient grain sorghum which is full of fibre, protein and vitamins and is naturally low in fat. There is no denying the likeness to Weetabix and being a former Weetabix fan I thought I needed to try these.

Look at the likeness! I had them with milk and then later added a little Truvia as I feel they needed a little sweetening up and I did not have any suitable fruit on hand to top them with. They don’t taste exactly like Weetabix (I think that was a given) but they could definitely be a distance cousin, especially the more you eat them. I have found myself reaching for the Nutribix the last few mornings and am really enjoying something different for breakfast. One tip, rinse or wash the bowl immediately after as just like Weetabix any trace on the bowl becomes glue like once dried! :-). I would like Nutribix to be a regular addition to my gluten free cupboard but at £3.79 it might not be as regular as I might like.
You can buy Nutribix at Tesco and they are coming soon to Sainsbury’s and Ocado.
Claire x

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