I tried two products new to my pantry (I don’t really have a pantry but would love one and love the word; anyway I digress) this week. My boyfriend picked up this new Quinoa bar in Sainsbury’s a few days ago brought to us by the lovely brand Perk!er.


This is a new one from Perk!er and a fab discovery by the boyf! I have just realised they have four new quinoa bars so I will be trying them all! This one was cashew, chia and pumpkin seed and was really tasty! A nice change from my Nakd bar too. I will be scouting out the others!!
I was invited to a friends for lunch last Sunday and not wanting to arrive empty handed I made a batch of cupcakes using the Delicious Alchemy Vanilla sponge mix.
You can use this mix to make a full size cake but I opted for little individual cakes topped with lashings of buttercream (licking a buttercream bowl totally makes up for icing sugar dusting the entire kitchen!). They were soooo light and went down an absolute treat – my friend’s two daughters polished off two each in quick succession so that really says it all.
It would be fair to say I am not the best icer but hey, they tasted fab! The Vanilla sponge mix is available at selected Booths and Morrisons and also via their website. Go check them out.
Until next Sunday!
Claire x

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