You should all know about my love of pizzas by now judging by the amount of reviews on my blog. One base I had never tried is by a company called Venice Bakeries – I have seen them at the Allergy Show on a few occasions and always loved the samples so not sure why I have not used their bases before. I had a base in the freezer and being home alone last Friday I decided it was about time to try!

I kept it simple and topped it with some chilli pesto (my favourite), spinach, peppers, ham, cheese (mix of cheddar and mozzarella) and sundried tomatoes. Ten minutes later in a hot oven it was cooked to perfection.

Now this is a great pizza base! I love thin and crispy bases,  definitely the best in my humble opinion! It was crispy and beautifully seasoned which gives it an edge over other pizza bases I have tried.
You can buy the pizza bases on the website – they also do wraps amongst other lovely products.

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