I have just returned from a stunning week on the beautiful island of Bermuda and thought I would share my thoughts on the gluten free food with British Airways, who we flew with. On the whole I generally only publish positive reviews on brands/places to eat etc that I would recommend, and that I think other gluten free tummies would enjoy. Unfortunately my experience with British Airways was not brilliant but it is an area that could most definitely be improved upon, hence my wanting to share my views. If British Airways happen to read my little blog post then, who knows, maybe it would make a smidgen of difference. I know that Kelly from Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes recently wrote a blog post about the quality of gluten free food on BA which makes for an interesting read. However, I was not as lucky to turn left as Kelly was when you enter the aircraft but right to Economy so thought I would be interesting to see how our experiences compare.

The flight to Bermuda is not overly long; a mere seven hour hop to be precise. During the daytime flight you get a main meal followed by afternoon tea shortly ahead of arrival. I had, of course, duly put in my special meal request in plenty of time before the flight (you need to do this at least 24 hours before you travel). The last time I experienced gluten free plane food was on a US trip with Virgin which you can read all about here. Now, I must throw in that I am a fan of Mr Branson and fly with Virgin when I have a choice; unfortunately, they don’t currently fly to Bermuda.

This was my main meal:

I had chicken breast on a bed of potatoes and vegetables with a side portion of roasted veg accompanied by a side salad and bread roll. Desert was fruit (yep, that old chestnut!). As I was going to be in a bikini for a week the veg and fruit was probably a good idea but I could not help but be peeved when the boyf had some chocolate type dessert. The chicken was ok as plane food goes albeit it a little bland and uninspiring.

Later on we were served afternoon tea (no photo I am afraid). The boyf had a roll with a chocolate bar. I had, wait for it… more fruit and two boxes of raisins! Seriously BA is fruit the only thing coeliacs can eat!?

Onto the return journey (tailwind was on our side and we got back to London Gatwick in less than six hours – result!). On night flights I tend to avoid food as I often feel a little icky but good job I did on this particular flight as my gluten free meal wasn’t even offered to me (and yes I had ordered one!). I think it is only fair to mention though that I did not quiz them on this as I was simply too tired.

The reason I decided to write this blog post is that Virgin Atlantic manage sweet treats and a gluten free filled roll on their transatlantic fights (along with Love Hearts on arrival – Virgin trump every time with their customer service) so if they can do it I see no reason for British Airways not to up their game.

I will, of course, fly British Airways again but if given the choice it’s Virgin every time at the moment. Sorry BA.

Claire xx

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