Am I allowed to use the word Christmas before December?! Like it or not the Christmas season is almost upon us and I for one am excited. I love Christmas and get giddy like a little kid, must to the disgust of the boyf who is more of a Bah Humbug kind of a soul at this time of year! Christmas time for gluten free bellies brings its own challenges as we search the aisles for Christmas treats. Every year though these treats get easier to source and this year Waitrose has really set the bar high. Waitrose contacted me recently to ask if I would like to take part in a recipe challenge and also sample some of their Christmas gluten free goodies. I was totally on board. Waitrose sent me a plethora of goodies which I was eager to try. The first taste test had to go to the mince pies of course!

Mince pies really can be hit and miss, these you will be pleased to know are a hit!

Everything was perfect – deliciously buttery pastry with the right amount of sugar sprinkled on top and the right amount of flavoursome mincemeat filing. I shared these with my colleagues who all eat gluten and they all agreed they wouldn’t have had a clue they were sans gluten and thoroughly enjoyed them. The only comment they did add that they were rather crumbly but hey that’s the lack go gluten for ya! I loved them. We had them on their own warmed through but I think they could be made even better if you added a dollop of clotted cream on the side (make sure you get Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream as I can assure you it is the best clotted cream there is and it is also available at Waitrose).

Next up on the taste test were these cute looking morsels.

Now I must admit I am not a huge fruit cake fan neither am I particularly fond of icing but I did want to give them a fair shot. I shared these with some girlfriends, one of whom is also a coeliac and also not a fan of Christmas cake. These too were devoured and I have to say I may have been converted. The flavour was beautiful and they were light to boot. The other coeliac was also pleasantly surprised as a non-Christmas cake lover. The other girls all gave a thumbs up and again, they had no idea they were gluten free.

For more information on hosting a gluten free Christmas take a look at Waitrose’s helpful gluten free guide.

So, big thumbs up for Waitrose thus far on their Christmas delights! Next week I will be making a sweet Christmas desert – see you then!

Claire x

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